ISO/TC 154

ISO 7372/MA maintenance agency joint with: UNECE

UNTDED — ISO 7372 Maintenance Agency

The agency was established in the late 80’s to maintain the Trade Data Element Directory (TDED) issued by UNECE as UNTDED and also by ISO/TC 154 as ISO 7372.

The joint publication lists standard data elements intended to facilitate open interchange of data in international trade. The standard data elements listed can be used with any method for data interchange on paper documents as well as with other paperless means of data processing and communication.

The Trade Data Elements Directory (TDED)

The Trade Data Elements Directory (TDED) is also known as the United Nations Trade Data Elements Directory (UNTDED) and as the International Standard ISO 7372. In this Directory, each data element has 2 normative attributes: a 4 digit numerical tag and a free text description/definition. In addition, informative attributes provide e.g. name, character representation, bridging information to the relevant SAD box number, IMO FAL Form, etc.

The ISO Council, in accordance with the ISO Directives (Annex 1G), has established in the late 80’s an ISO 7372 Maintenance Agency (ISO 7372 MA).

The ISO 7372 MA together with the maintenance function set up by the UNECE WP.4 Working Party on Facilitation of International Trade Procedures (now UN[ECE]/CEFACT), constitute the TDED Maintenance Agency, hereafter referred to as MA.

The UNECE, through the Trade and Transport Divisions and the ISO through its Central Secretariat jointly provide the Secretariat for the MA. This joint secretariat has appointed a MA Secretary.

Role of the Maintenance Agency

The MA, as authorized by the UNECE WP.4 and by the ISO Council, is entrusted with the following functions:

  • To add to or to eliminate data elements from TDED and to assign numeric identifiers (tags) in accordance with the rules provided in Section 5 of TDED;

  • To inform interested parties appropriately of such changes, etc.;

  • To prepare periodically and disseminate amendment sheets to users in order to allow proper up-dating of TDED;

  • To establish as required, in the normal course of work, additional rules for the practical application of the principles for:

    • selecting data elements and assigning them a name and a numeric identifier (tag);

    • grouping data elements into broad categories;

    • the presentation of standard data elements and their use for international trade information interchange.

Membership of the TDED Maintenance Agency

The following inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations are each a full member of the TDED MA (source: TDED 2005 edition, sub-section 2.3 + latest updates):

  • CCC Customs Cooperation Council (see WCO)

  • CIT International Railway Transport Committee

  • FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

  • IATA International Air Transport Association

  • ICC International Chamber of Commerce

  • ICS International Chamber of Shipping

  • IMO International Maritime Organization

  • IRU International Road Transport Union

  • OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards: UBL TC Universal Business Language Technical Committee

  • UIC International Union of Railways

  • UN/CEFACT UNECE (Economic Commission for Europe) Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

  • UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

  • UPU Universal Postal Union

  • WCO World Customs Organization, established as CCC