ISO/TC 154

WG 3 working group inactive


ISO/TC 154/WG 3 is currently inactive.

WG 3 was established upon the former “CCTS” ad-hoc group of ISO/TC 154 in March 2006. The purpose is to maintain the ISO/TS 15000-5 “Core Components Technical Specification, V2.01” in close liaison with UN/CEFACT.

The Core Components Technical Specification provides a way to identify, capture and maximize the re-use of business information to support and enhance information interoperability across multiple business situations.

ISO TS 15000-5 (ebXML Core Components Technical Specification, Version 2.01 (ebCCTS))


ISO TS 15000-5 was first published in 2005, based on the UN/CEFACT publication of the Core Component Technical Specification 2.01. In 2008 it was reviewed and confirmed by ISO/TC 154 for continued publication. In 2011, ISO published Amendment 1 to ISO TS 15000-5, based on corrigendum published by UN/CEFACT.

During the ISO/TC 154 Plenary held in Geneva in September 2010 a small team was tasked with developing this position paper on the future of ISO 15000-5, based on a recommendation from the UK HoD that the TS be made an International Standard.

The secretariat is held by Bernd Bösler (DE/DIN), the convenorship by Mary Kay Blantz (UNECE).

Approved Recommendation

  • Upgrade 15000-5 to an International Standard.

  • Reasons for this choice

    • The Core Component Library (CCL) based on this TS is widely used.

    • The ISOTC 154 library alignment project has chosen this as the basis for alignment

    • The ebMoU Management Group recommends this for global semantic harmonization

  • Next Steps

    • Make changes to the specification

    • Include the published amendment in the document

    • Remove references no longer applicable, such as to UN/CEFACT, where appropriate

    • Remove the constraint language chapter

    • Update or remove the data types