ISO/TC 154

39th plenary meeting week

2020/08/04—2020/08/07 Orange County, Southern California

A warm welcome to the 39th Plenary week of ISO/TC 154 held in sunny Southern California during 2020-08-04 to 2020-08-07, hosted by CalConnect and Ribose.

ISO/TC 154/JWG 1

The EDIFACT Application Level Syntax Rules (ISO 9735) is the main deliverable of the Joint Working Group (ISO/TC 154/JWG 1), in collaboration with UNECE.

ISO/TC 154/WG 5

WG 5 provides a common platform for all date and time stakeholders, to enable a unified, interoperable of date and time across populations and systems. It publishes the ISO 8601 family of standards in ubiquitous use today.

ISO/TC 154/WG 6

WG6 was established in 2014 to develop and standardize methods used to facilitate trusted electronic and business transactions, including those in e-commerce, e-industry and e-administration. It also covers considerations of trusted and legally binding electronic communications in the mobile, IoT and cloud environments.

ISO/TC 154/JWG 8

Joint Working Group 8 (JWG 8) was established in 2018 with UNECE in order to develop process, data elements related standards that are used for data exchanging between e-commerce platform and the related logistics information service providers etc to facilitate on-line trade.