ISO/TC 154

ISO 20415:2019 standard

Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration -- Trusted Mobile e-Document Framework -- Requirement, functionality and criteria for ensuring reliable and safe mobile e-business


Communication via mobile devices is essential in the modern world, so that most mobile devices are ever used as a passage for the connection of people, business, and network. Electronic transactions, information processing, and data transmission via the mobile device are common in business area. In addition, electronic documents utilized by mobile devices in the business world are rapidly increasing and its application area is growing also. Mobile electronic document exchange will be used in overall industrial areas including B2C and B2B, so that the effect will be enormous considering the characteristic of mobile device.

iso 20415 2019 figure1

ISO 20415 is intended to provide a framework standard (TMEF: Trusted Mobile e-Document Framework) for creating and transmitting electronic documents for B2B/B2C via a mobile device in a secure and trusted method in an unstable and unreliable mobile environment. The concept of TMEF can be seen in Figure 1. Businesses or individuals are getting more dependent on mobile devices in terms of handling business as time passes by. Also, situation is that the demand to handle important duties of businesses is getting increased. Therefore, the demand on safe and reliable processing of electronic documents under mobile environment is also rapidly getting increased.

This document presents a framework standard, called TMEF, necessary for using and transmitting electronic documents in a safe and reliable way under a mobile electronic transaction environment. TMEF presents functional requirements and criteria for practical use and management factors necessary for performing mobile transactions.


This document provides a set of requirements, functionality, and criteria for ensuring reliability and safety of mobile e-business. Electronic transactions using wireless environment have more vulnerabilities than electronic transactions in wired environment. In order to overcome these weaknesses, it is necessary to define the requirements to deal with the vulnerability of all items constituting the mobile e-business environment which are mobile device, wireless network, mobile server, mobile software, mobile e-document, and mobile user. The functionality of these items should be specified at least for meeting the requirements. In addition, minimum utilization criteria should be presented for practical use of the functions. The specification of this document covers overall use cases for mobile e-business including simple inquiry of electronic documents, exchange of electronic documents for general transaction, and even exchange of contract and payment documents. This can be applied to the most wireless protocols such as 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi, etc. This could be also used in the general mobile e-business area such as logistics, electronic trades, financing, manufacturing and service, and can be referenced by system developers of electronic transaction using mobile devices, mobile network service providers and users. The scope of ISO 20415 is figured as Figure 2.

iso 20415 2019 figure2

Who needs this standard?

ISO 20415 is intended for:

  • Mobile-based electronic document system development, operation, and certification organisations;

  • Mobile electronic document software development organizations;

  • Mobile electronic document third-party service provider organization;