ISO/TC 154

ISO/TC 154/WG 5 meeting

ISO/TC 154/WG 5 meeting minutes 2019-06-21

21 Jun
Event time
3:00-3:30pm Hong Kong Time (UTC+8)
Chris Nelson, Jeffrey Lau, KW Kwan, Ronald Tse
Erich Keese, Jie Zhang

Approval of Agenda


Meeting agenda

  1. Roll call and introduction

  2. Determination on call schedule

  3. Feedback on ISO 8601-1 and ISO 8601-2 presentation

  4. ISO 34000 project kick off

  5. Considerations on PWIs: 34100 (reference time scales), 34200 (timezones)

  6. Any other business

  7. Adjourned

Roll call and introduction

  • Chris Nelson, BSI

  • Jeffrey Lau, CalConnect


  • Ronald Tse, CalConnect

Determination on call schedule

It was determined that WG 5 will have a periodic call every month.

A Doodle poll will be sent prior to the call date/time to decide the next call.

Feedback on ISO 8601-1 and ISO 8601-2 presentation

No feedback at this point.

Chris Nelson will review and provide his comments.

Work items in WG 5

ISO/AWI 34000 “Concepts and vocabulary”

Kick off today.

ISO/NP 34300 “Calendar codes”

NWIP submissions being finalized (with ITU)

  • ISO/PWI 34100 (reference time scales)

  • ISO/PWI 34200 (timezones)

Ronald will circulate drafts and approval form.

ISO/AWI 34000 Kick off

Right now combines vocabulary of ISO 8601-1 and ISO 8601-2.

Will include new vocabulary from new projects in WG 5 from now on.

Comments received from KATS and BSI.

KATS: “Concepts” more important than “vocabulary”.

BSI: Add the concepts of “Julian date” and “Unix time”

No further comments.

Tentative schedule:

  • WD: 2019/10/16

  • CD: 2020/05/01

  • DIS: 2020/11/29

  • IS: 2021/04/20

Any other business


Next meeting

The next meeting date will be decided through a Doodle poll in July.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm HKT.