ISO/TC 154

ISO/TC 154 CAT Conference Call

ISO/TC 154 CAT Meeting Minutes 2019-04-24

24 Apr
Event time
8:00-9:00pm Beijing Time (UTC+8)
Hongru (Judy) Zhu
Jianfang Zhang
Hongru (Judy) Zhu, Yan Zhang, Anders Grangard, Jasmine Chang, Ronald Tse, Dapeng (Max) Liu, Lin (Linda) Wang
Peter Plapper, Sue Probert, Jianfang Zhang

Approval of Agenda


Approval of 20th March 2019 CAG Meeting Minutes


Working Group and Project Team Updates


ISO/PWI 9735-11

Yan reported the Form4 and outline documents.

The conclusion is to revise the documents as following:

  1. Title in Form4: change“version3”to“ISO 9735:1992”, since there is no official name of “version3”for ISO 9735:1992.

  2. Outline document:use the ISO template.

AP69: Jianfang provides the ISO template for outline document of ISO 9735-11, Anders and Yan update the Form4 and outline of ISO 9735-11 as above

WG 5 (Representation of dates and times)


Ronald also reported the progress of 3 new projects. A new BSI expert joined WG5.

Chair suggest that more experts can be involved in the projects and WG5 should have regular meetings.

AP70: Ronald needs to kick-off the WG5 regular meetings.

ISO 8601-1:2019 and ISO 8601-2:2019

Ronald reported that the presentation slides of 8601-1 and 8601-2 was under drafting and Ray had completed his part. Calconnect will make a press release.

Chair mentioned that ISO 8601 article had been published on ISO website. Besides, there is a new version of ISO 8601 announcement document modified by Linda and Jianfang, this new version can be used for other channels, such as ISO MoU organizations (ITU and IEC).

ISO/NP 34000“ Date and time — Concepts and vocabulary”

The NP ballot of the project is ongoing.

ISO/PWI 34002“ Date and time — Timezone”

The form4 and draft of the project was completed and the NP submission will be initiated once the ITU liaison confirmed.

ISO/PWI 34003 “ Date and time — Codes for calendar systems”

The form4 and draft of the project were submitted for NWIP ballot.

WG 6 (Trusted eCommunication)

Jasmine reported the progress of WG6 projects.

PT1: ISO 14533 Long term signature profiles

ISO/PWI 14533-2

Naoto Miyachi.

The project is still in the drafting stage.

ISO/CD 14533-4

Peter Rybar.

The DIS ballot of the project is ongoing.

PT2: ISO/CD 19626-1 Trusted Communication Platforms for Electronic Documents


ISO/DIS 19626-1

The project is planned to be submitted for publication by end of April 2019.

ISO/WD 19626-2

The project meeting (in Korea) was held and the draft is still under the discussion.

PT3: ISO/CD 20415 Trusted mobile e-document framework

Yongkon Lee.

ETSI comments resolution will be finished by the end of May.

WG 7 (Digital Business)

No discussion due to the absence of Peter Plapper and Jianfang.

PT1 – ISO/TS WD 21981 Business Semantics Thesaurus (BST)

PT2: ISO/CD 22468 Value Stream Management (VSM)


JWG8 (Logistics data contents and process)

Dapeng (Max) Liu.

Max reported the progress of JWG8.

Chair suggest Max deal with the comments from UNECE with Sue and other JWG8 members, and complete the NP ballot process before the Oct plenary meeting.

ISO/AWI 23354 – Business requirements for end-to-end visibility of logistics flow

Under CD ballot process.

ISO/PWI 23355- Visibility data interchange between logistics information service providers

UNECE comments on Form 4 and draft will be discussed before May 10th and the updated NP Form4 and draft will be completed in May.

ISO/PWI 23356- Visibility logistics data interchange interface

The project will be discussed after the project ISO/PWI 23355 is submitted.



ISO/PWI “Alignment between ISO 7372, UN/EDIFACT EDED+UNCL and UN/CEFACT/CCL”

No discussion about the project progress due to the absence of Sue.

New PWIs

Ronald reported that the draft of the NWIP submission of three PWIs were being finalized.

  • ISO/PWI 36001 “Standardization documents — Metanorma — Document metamodel”

  • ISO/PWI 36002 “Standardization documents — Metanorma — Representation in XML”

  • ISO/PWI 56001 “ Directory — Standardized profile — Persons and organizations”

Open Ballots

No discussion.

  • DIS ISO/DIS 14533-4 2019-04-24

  • NP ISO/NP 34000 2019-04-29

  • CIB ballot for ITU-T to establish A-liaison with ISO/TC 154 2019-05-10

  • CD ISO/CD 23354 2019-05-27

  • NP ISO/NP 34000 2019-04-29

  • SR ISO 9735:1988 (vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-1:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-2:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-3:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-4:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-5:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-6:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-7:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-8:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 9735-9:2002 (Ed 2, vers 3) 2019-06-04

  • SR ISO 15000-5:2014 2019-09-02

Other Business

Oct 2019 Plenary meeting

No discussion in the meeting. There is offline discussion between peter and Jianfang.

Possibility liaison from ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC41

Max, Ronald, Jianfang and Linda offline worked on the new version of liaison letter. Max will confirm the letter with CAG members.

AP71: Max sends the SC41 liaison letter to CAG members for their confirmation, and then Jianfang sends the liaison letter to SC41.

Possibility liaison with ITU

Ronald reported that the ITU liaison is under CIB ballot.

Possibility new 154 website

Ronald introduced the updated version of website design (https://www.isotc154. org) and the proposed website plan for CAG members (as shown in Annex). CAG members can provide the related website contents to Ronald.

Jianfang will confirm with ISO/CS about the official ISO link. Chair emphasized that the website should obey with the rule of ISO.

Table 1. Preliminary ISO/TC 154 website content gathering plan




Chair, secretary, workgroup conveners, project leaders

  1. Provide a short biography

  2. Provide a photo (optional)

  3. Provide desired links (e.g. online profile, employer, LinkedIn)

May 8th

Each workgroup

  1. Provide a description of their “About workgroup” section. This should include:

    • Scope

    • History

    • Structure if any sub-groups and their scopes

  2. Provide an active projects list

    • Projects being worked on now

    • The stage of each project

    • Project leader/proposer

    • Scope

    • Who needs this standard?

  3. Provide a list of workgroup collaborative parties

  4. Provide necessary external links (e.g. JWG 1 has external site, some projects may relate to others, ISO 15000 → OASIS ebXML)

May 22th

Each workgroup

  1. Provide details of published standards by the workgroup:

    • Abstract/Scope

    • FAQ (ISO 9753, ISO 15000 both have FAQs)

    • Where this is used: where has this standard been implemented, adopted (e.g, in products, by other standards, by countries)

    • Who needs this standard?

    • Related liaisons: names, its contributions, links

    • Any further information (ISO 9735 has DMR procedures)

  2. News articles about workgroup or its work

Jun 19th

Action Review

AP61 (Ronald) and AP63(Sue) were delayed and were expected to be finished in the next CAG meeting.

Next Meeting

Next Meeting: 2019-06-05 Wednesday, 8:00-9:00pm (UTC+8)

Chair gave thanks to all of the attendants for the CAG meeting on 24th April and everyone’s good job!