ISO/TC 154

ISO/TC 154 CAT Conference Call

ISO/TC 154 CAT Meeting Minutes 2017-02-15

15 Feb
Event time
15 February 2017, 15:00 UTC
Klaus-Dieter Naujok (K-DN), Francois Vuilleumier (FV), Mei-Li Chen (MLC)
Jianfang Zhang (JFZ), Jasmine Chang (JC), Peter Rybar (PR), Bernd Bösler (BB)

Approval of Agenda


Approval of 15 February 2017 Meeting Minutes


Working Group and Project Team Updates


  • Henry supports Brian’s suggestion that we should create a RA instead of MA

  • CAT to review the differences, as defined in the latest ISO Directives, in order to come to a final decision

WG 5 (Representation of dates and times)

  • Awaiting ballot closure

WG 6 (Trusted eCommunication)

  • External Liaison with ETSI STF 523

  • Reminder to JC that ETSI needs to send a request to ISO/TC 154’s Secretariat (JFZ) for WG 6 to nominate a Liaison to work with STF 523. After the request is received, and CAT agrees, a TC 154 ballot needs to be initiate to approve the request and WG 6’s proposed liaison person.

PT1 — Long term signature profiles

  • ISO/DIS 14533-3 Ballot Disposition

    • Ballot Disposition has been distributed via LiveLink

    • Next step — Since there were no technical objections, request ISO/CS to publish the ISO 14533-3 as an IS.

PT2 — Trusted Communication Platforms for Electronic Documents

Nothing reported

PT3 — Trusted mobile e-document framework

Nothing reported

WG 7 (Business)

  • Due to K-DN’s medical leave, work will be on hold for now

    • PT1 — Business Semantics Thesaurus — see above

    • PT2 — XMLFACT — see above

Liaison Updates

nothing to report

Old Business

  • OAGi (Open Applications Group, Inc.) Fast-Track of “OAGIS - A Specification for an Enterprise Business Canonical Model”

    • Under final review by FV, BB and KDN before possible submission for DIS (Fast-track)

Old Business

TPM — Henry Cushier

  • Transition underway, very positive progress

“StreaM” Project

  • ISO/TC 184/SC 5 (Interoperability, integration, and architectures for enterprise systems and automation applications) raised the issue that the project should be under their SC not ISO/TC 154

  • K-DN has been in talk with Henry and for now the ballot will not be recalled.

  • General view is that this project is larger than “internal” workflows as it is all about the “International Supply Chain”.

Other Business

Next Meeting

01 March 2017, starting at 15:00 UTC