ISO/TC 154

ISO/TC 154 CAT Conference Call

ISO/TC 154 CAT Meeting Minutes 2016-09-28

28 Sep
Event time
14 September 2016, 14:00 UTC
Klaus-Dieter Naujok (K-DN), Jianfang Zhang (JFZ), Francois Vuilleumier (FV)
Bernd Bösler (BB), Peter Rybar (PR), Mei-Li Chen (MLC), Jasmine Chang (JC)

Approval of Agenda


Approval of 14 September 2016 Meeting Minutes


Working Group and Project Team Updates


  • Feedback from ISO/CS

  • Awaiting comments from ISO/CS

WG 5 (Representation of dates and times)

  • ISO/CD 8601 Part 1 & 2 Ballot Results

  • Nothing to report since last CAT meeting

WG 6 (Trusted eCommunication)

PT1 — Long term signature profiles for PDF advanced electronic signatures (PAdES)

  • ISO/DIS 14533-3 Ballot (12 week, closing 2016-11-??)

    • Awaiting finalization of ballot by ISO/CD

  • ISO/NP 14533-4 “Attributes pointing to external Proof of Existence objects used in Long term signature formats (PoEAttributes)” Update

    • Nothing to report

PT2 — Trusted Communication Platforms for Electronic Documents

  • ISO/WD_19626-1 “TCP for Electronic Documents-Part 1” Ballot (closing 2016-10-11)

PT3 — Trusted mobile e-document framework

  • ISO/WD 20415 “TMEF” Ballot (closing 2016-10-11)

Liaison Updates

Nothing to report

MoU/MG Update

Nothing to report

Old Business

ISO/TC 154 Plenary Update

Final review of Schedule and Draft Agendas

  • Update of “New Work Item Proposals Review” Agenda

  • Added proposal from Luxembourg (Value Stream Management (VSM)) to the draft agenda of the “New Work Item Proposals Review” meeting

Final review of WG Expert Registration via

  • Current count (in Person/WebEx):

    • JWG 1 — 12/0

    • WG 5  — 12/1

    • WG 6  — 15/0

    • NWIP  — 13/0

Final review of ISO/TC 154 Plenary Registrations

  • Current count (in Person/WebEx):

    • Plenary — 17

    • Dinner  — 13+3

ISO/NP TS (old: 21887)/21981 Business Semantics Thesaurus (BST)

  • Due to an system error a duplicate ISO number (21887) was assigned, the new number is now "`21981`".

  • Ballot Results

    • Project approved with no negative vote and enough expert nominations

    • UK comments are about changes to the NWIP. Since it was approved without a negative vote, nor did UK provide a rational for any of their changes, no further action will be taken.

    • The result of the ballot was 50% approved as the stage 20.00, and 50% approved as the WG stage 20.20. However, since most of the 20.00 votes came from those who decided “not” to participate, their choice has be negated, since no comments were provided why they did not support the attached WD. Therefore, since those who agreed to participate in the work supported a 20.20 status (3 approved out of 5), CAT agreed to register the project with a 20.20 status.

OAGi (Open Applications Group, Inc.) Fast-Track of “OAGIS - A Specification for an Enterprise Business Canonical Model”

  • OAGi revised their submission based on the received comments from ISO/CS for minor corrections.

  • Awaiting ISO/CS’s final comments on the revised submission for Fast-track.

Request for a copy of the WCO Data Model

  • Update from FV

    • FV has been in contact with a number of parties to determine what the correct avenue is to engage with WCO Secretariat not only about the data model but also in their participation in the BST project.

New Business

Other Business

Next Meeting

26 October 2016, starting at 14:00 UTC