ISO/TC 154

ISO/TC 154 CAT Conference Call

ISO/TC 154 CAT Meeting Minutes 2016-08-31

31 Aug
Event time
31 August 2016, 14:00 UTC
Klaus-Dieter Naujok (K-DN), Jianfang Zhang (JFZ), Francois Vuilleumier (FV), Mei-Li Chen (MLC)
Bernd Bösler (BB), Jasmine Chang (JC), Peter Rybar (PR)

Approval of Agenda

Approved with addition under 8. Other business

Approval of 17 August 2016 Meeting Minutes


Working Group and Project Team Updates


  • Feedback from ISO/CS

Nothing to report.

WG 5 (Representation of dates and times)

  • ISO 8601 Part 1 & 2 update

()* Out for CD ballot closing 2016-09-03

WG 6 (Trusted eCommunication)

PT1 — Long term signature profiles for PDF advanced electronic signatures (PAdES)

  • ISO/CD 14533-3 Update

    • Out for DIS Ballot, current with ISO/CS for preparation (12 week, closing 2016-11-??)

    • DIS ballot preparation are still with the ISO/CS. No feedback on a completion date, start of the ballot.

  • ISO/NP 14533-4 “Attributes pointing to external Proof of Existence objects used in Long term signature formats (PoEAttributes)” Update

    • Nothing to report

PT2 — Trusted Communication Platforms for Electronic Documents

  • ISO/WD 19626-1 “TCP for Electronic Documents — Part 1”

    • Out for NWIP & WD Ballot (closing 2016-10-11)

PT3 — Trusted mobile e-document framework

  • ISO/WD 20415 “TMEF” Ballot

    • Out for NWIP & WD Ballot (closing 2016-10-11)

Liaison Updates

  • AFACT Liaison Report — CAT thanks AFACT for their report.

MoU/MG Update

Nothing to report.

Old Business

ISO/TC 154 Plenary Update

Review of Schedule and Draft Agendas

  • Need to send WG Agendas out.

Review of Expert Registration via

  • Only 4 registrations so far, need to ensure experts are registering for room size calculations

OAGi (Open Applications Group, Inc.) Fast-Track of “OAGIS - A Specification for an Enterprise Canonical Model”

  • Feedback from ISO/CS

  • Nothing to report

ISO/NP TS 21887 Business Semantics Thesaurus (BST)

  • Out for NWIP & WD Ballot (closing 2016-09-11)

New Business

Request for a copy of the WCO Data Model

  • JFZ to contact WCO Secretariat for a copy of their Data Model in XMI for possible input to our BST project.

Convert ISO/TS 20625 to an IS as “Rules for generation of XML scheme files (XSD) from EDIFACT Messages”

  • K-DN showed a sample of an XSD based on ISO/TS 20625 that is a direct, one-on-one, transformation from EDIFACT to XML syntax.

  • CAT to review the possibility to create a new NWIP to create a XML counter part to ISO 9735.

Other Business

ISO input into EU MSP Rolling Plan

  • CAT members to review the various section within the EU plan to identify any ISO/TC 154 work items that address the requirements for standardization.

Next Meeting

14 September 2016, starting at 14:00 UTC