ISO/TC 154

ISO/TC 154 CAT Conference Call

ISO/TC 154 CAT Meeting Minutes 2016-08-03

03 Aug
Event time
03 August 2016, 14:00 UTC
Klaus-Dieter Naujok (K-DN), Jianfang Zhang (JFZ), Bernd Bösler (BB), Jasmine Chang (JC), Peter Rybar (PR)
Francois Vuilleumier (FV), Mei-Li Chen (MLC)

Approval of Agenda

Approved with addition of “ODIF Update” under item 8.

Approval of 20 July 2016 Meeting Minutes


Working Group and Project Team Updates


Nothing to report.

WG 5 (Representation of dates and times)

  • ISO 8601 Part 1 & 2 update

  • Out for CD ballot closing 2016-09-03

WG 6 (Trusted eCommunication)

PT1 — Long term signature profiles for PDF advanced electronic signatures (PAdES)

  • ISO/CD 14533-3 Update

    • CD ballot closed 21 July without comments, now being submitted to ISO/CS for DIS Ballot

  • ISO/NP 14533-4 “Attributes pointing to external Proof of Existence objects used in Long term signature formats (PoEAttributes)”

    • PR gave a quick outline of the proposed new part.

    • A meeting of PT 1 to address the details, including the creation of a NWIP, is scheduled for the upcoming WG 6/PT 1 session in Berlin.

    • PR was asked to include JC in all future correspondence regarding the preliminary work on part 4.

PT2 — Trusted Communication Platforms for Electronic Documents

  • ISO/WD 19626-1 “TCP for Electronic Documents — Part 1” Update

    • Request for NWIP and WD or CD registration TC Ballot

    • Approved for ballot, to be send out by 15 August.

PT3 — Trusted mobile e-document framework

  • ISO/WD 20415 “TMEF” Update

    • Request for NWIP and WD or CD registration TC Ballot

    • Approved for ballot, to be send out by 15 August.

Liaison Updates

Nothing to report.

MoU/MG Update

Nothing to report.

Old Business

ISO/TC 154 Chairmanship Update

  • No TMB feedback received yet

ISO/TC 154 Plenary Update

Review of Schedule and Draft Agendas

  • Approved without changes, to be distributed as official WG documents.

  • Approved without changes

OAGi (Open Applications Group, Inc.) Fast-Track of “OAGIS - A Specification for an Enterprise Canonical Model”

  • Agreed to move ahead with submission

  • K-DN, BB & JC to review the submission documents for compliance to ISO format.

  • K-DN to contact OAGi to have a WebEx call next week to go over the documentation.

New Business

  • None

Other Business

Next Meeting

17 August 2016, starting at 14:00 UTC