Electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport (EDIFACT) – Application level syntax rules


This Amendment extended the supported character sets from character set A (ISO 646 with the exception of lower case letters and certain graphic characters) and B (ISO 646 with the exception of certain graphic characters) to the character sets C through F (covering Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets).

Revision information

Revised by: ISO 9735-1:1998
Revised by: ISO 9735-2:1998
Revised by: ISO 9735-3:1998
Revised by: ISO 9735-4:1998
Revised by: ISO 9735-5:1999
Revised by: ISO 9735-6:1999
Revised by: ISO 9735-7:1999
Revised by: ISO 9735-8:1998
Revised by: ISO 9735-9:1999

Corrigenda, Amendments and other parts

ISO 9735:1988


This edition is been identified as Syntax Version 3 within the UNB/S001/0002.

See FAQ page for the entry describing the differences amongst the various Syntax versions.