Statistical data and metadata exchange (SDMX)

ISO/TS 17369 was originally published in 2005 as Technical Specification. It specifies a way for Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) in six sections covering the following topics:

  • Framework for SDMX standards;
  • SDMX information model;
  • SDMX-ML schema and documentation;
  • SDMX-EDI syntax and documentation;
  • an implementer’s guide for SDMX; and
  • SDMX guidelines for the use of web services.

The revision is to extend to include services-oriented exchange architecture and more complete metadata functionality and to convert the document into an International Standard. The revision builds on the existing ISO/TS 17369 and implementations associated with changes proposed for Version 2 in November 2005 via A disposition log of public comments has been maintained.